In my last snack stash post, I wrote about some Korean snacks I was obsessed with. This time, my snack stash is a bit more international with an emphasis on Japanese snacks. A new snack store called Snack Story opened … Continued

I love Koreanised junk food. I say “Koreanised” because I find most American savoury junk food to be way too salty! But the Korean versions suit me. If I want potato chips, I get the Korean ones. They aren’t as … Continued

Although I adore Seoul, I like to still get away from the city every so often. The area around Pangyo Station was one of my recent getaway to visit a friend who lives in the area. Our exploration took us … Continued

Alien’s Day Out, a blog/website by Mipa, has always been the best resource for veganism in Korea. Through her website, Mipa started to sell her vegan baked goods, and it wasn’t long before she opened up her own restaurant called … Continued

Berkeley Coffee Social is one of the newer coffee shops in Gyeongridan area. It’s not on the main drag, but rather it’s more in the residential area of Gyeongridan. This coffee shop is kind of on the small side, and … Continued

Several weeks ago, I stumbled upon Good Afternoon, a British tea room, in Gyeongnidan/Itaewon 2-dong area. I discovered it when I was exploring the area, and I noticed its gorgeous baby blue exterior of the shop, as well as its … Continued