I love Koreanised junk food. I say “Koreanised” because I find most American savoury junk food to be way too salty! But the Korean versions suit me. If I want potato chips, I get the Korean ones. They aren’t as salty, and they have a better flavour. That’s why when I want something salty, sweet, or junky, I normally head to a Korean supermarket and buy Korean snacks! And because I’m such a fan of Korean snacks, I decided to start a new feature about it. So here’s the first post with three snacks I’ve been enjoying lately!

Korean Snack Stash Vol. 1

So here we have (left to right) Orion’s Dr. You’s Diget Sandwich Cookies, Nongshim’s Potato Chips, and Orion’s Lime Pepper Poca Chips.

Orion’s Dr. You’s Diget Sandwich Cookies
I am normally not a big fan of sandwich cookies, but I really like these. I’ve always been fond of the digestive biscuits, and they work nicely as sandwiches. The cream in between is sweet, but not overly sweet. Overall, these fulfill my needs for when I want something crunchy and sweet.

Nongshim’s Potato Chips
This brand of potato chip is the best thing ever. It’s crunchy, slightly thicker than Poca’s and Lay’s chips, not too salty, and has a flavour that I really like. Whenever I crave the munchies, this is my go-to munchies. I could crunch on these all day long. Of all the chips and crisps I’ve tried, these are my absolute favourites.

Orion’s Lime Pepper Poca Chips
Then there is this brand — the lime pepper flavoured Poca Chips. Like I mentioned before, I find Poca Chips to be thinner with a lighter crunch to them, and I generally don’t like that. However, I make an exception to the lime pepper flavoured ones. When I want something different with my potato chips, I turn to these. The lime and pepper flavour is a great combination for me!

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