Berkeley Coffee Social is one of the newer coffee shops in Gyeongridan area. It’s not on the main drag, but rather it’s more in the residential area of Gyeongridan. This coffee shop is kind of on the small side, and it’s rather cramped when there are other people there, especially around the till. On the weekend, it is very hard to get a seat. Despite the small space, the owner and the workers there are very nice and welcoming, and they are always so cheerful. Along with their coffee, they also sell sandwiches and toasts (using bread from the famous May Bell Bakery!), cookies, nuts, cheese, yoghurt, juices, and tea.

However, I come here for their coffee. They roast their own beans in their first shop that’s in Samcheong-dong, and their beans are amazing. The first time I tried their iced latte, I remember going, “Whoah!” at the flavour, and I felt completely awake after that first sip. Afterwards, I kept returning for their fantastic coffee. I’ve tried their macadamia nut latte, and that, too, was awesome, as I found the macadamia nut flavouring to pair well with the coffee. This is a very sweet drink, so be sure to mention to the workers that you would like it less sweet if you don’t have a sweet tooth like I do. Another one of my favourites there is their Starlight Cold-Brewed coffee. This coffee is very sweet, too, but I really like it! I’m generally not a fan of cold-brewed coffee, but this one is just fantastic.

I also tried their chocolate chip cookies and their tangerine toast. Their cookies have that home-made feel and taste, so it’s way better than the store-bought cookies, and it doesn’t hurt that they are chocolate chips! I also enjoyed their tangerine toast, especially since their tangerine jam is home-made! The cookies and the toast made for great coffee companions!

In conclusion, I generally come here to do takeaway with my coffee because I live nearby. But if I ever want to escape my flat and want a change of scenery, I will come here and tuck myself away in a corner and enjoy a good cup of coffee and some snack for an hour or two as long as it’s not so crowded.

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17, Hoenamu-Ro 13ga-Gil, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul, Korea
서울특별시 용산구 회나무로13가길 17
Go out exit 2 of Noksapyeong Station and head straight until you reach the underpass. Go under and go out the left exit. Then cross the street and go up, passing by Bao Stir-Fry, Tucan, Hassdog, et cetera. Keep going straight, passing Well-Being Mart. At the y-intersection, take the left road, passing Tous les Jours, and keep going up the hill until you see a small police box. Turn right in front of the police box, and then go down that street for about one minute, and you will see Berkeley Coffee Social on the left.
4,000 ~ 10,000+ won budget per person

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