This is the last of my Sokcho posts. Prior to my trip to there, I researched and discovered a cafe in the area I was to stay in called Cafe A to Z. Being a big fan of cafes and … Continued

One of the places I wanted to visit in Sokcho happened to be 아바이마을 (Abai Village), which was featured in 가을동화 (Autumn in My Heart). It happened to be super rainy and windy the day I visited there, so when … Continued

산모퉁이 is another restaurant I tried when I visited Sokcho area as mentioned in this post. This is another local Korean restaurant in Bongpori, a village outside of Sokcho. Sanmo Tungee is a decent-sized restaurant; it’s a very circular restaurant … Continued

가정식 백반 is a local Korean restaurant in the village of Bongpori outside of Sokcho. I randomly picked this restaurant because . . . well, I was on a hunt for a bibimbap place, but I didn’t see any. After … Continued