Yetnal Guksi (옛날국시) is a Korean restaurant specialising in noodle dishes and various other dishes like acorn jelly with rice (묵밥 = mukbap) and soft bean curd seafood stew (해물순두부찌개 = haemul soondubu jjigae). Oddly enough, I like them not … Continued

Korean diners aka bunsikjeom (분식점) or bunsikjip (분식집) are my go-to places when I want inexpensive Korean food. Sonmali Gimbap (손말이 김밥) in Gyeongridan is a place I visit regularly. This independent restaurant is very popular with the locals. It’s … Continued

One of the places I wanted to visit in Sokcho happened to be 아바이마을 (Abai Village), which was featured in 가을동화 (Autumn in My Heart). It happened to be super rainy and windy the day I visited there, so when … Continued

산모퉁이 is another restaurant I tried when I visited Sokcho area as mentioned in this post. This is another local Korean restaurant in Bongpori, a village outside of Sokcho. Sanmo Tungee is a decent-sized restaurant; it’s a very circular restaurant … Continued

가정식 백반 is a local Korean restaurant in the village of Bongpori outside of Sokcho. I randomly picked this restaurant because . . . well, I was on a hunt for a bibimbap place, but I didn’t see any. After … Continued

I love Koreanised junk food. I say “Koreanised” because I find most American savoury junk food to be way too salty! But the Korean versions suit me. If I want potato chips, I get the Korean ones. They aren’t as … Continued

Time for another round of Foodography! Enjoy my food photos with their brief descriptions :) I had to spend a whole day at Yonsei Severance Hospital a few weeks ago, and I decided to have lunch at the Saboten inside … Continued

Growing up with Korean food, I had a lot of exposure to the wonderful red pepper paste known as gochujang (고추장). That alone is a very good condiment, but there is one condiment, a similar one, that I like to … Continued

Donkkaseu, which is Korean-style pork cutlet, quite similar to Japanese tonkatsu, is not a dish I have often. A bunch of my co-workers and I went to what is literally the “donkkaseu street” of Seoul, an area I’d no idea … Continued

As someone with a sweet tooth, I have never met a sweet I didn’t like. Biscuits? Chocolate? Cakes? You name it, if it’s sweet, I’ll like it! But alas, I have met a cake I didn’t like. I didn’t think … Continued