In my last snack stash post, I wrote about some Korean snacks I was obsessed with. This time, my snack stash is a bit more international with an emphasis on Japanese snacks. A new snack store called Snack Story opened up in my area, so I checked it out. I ended up loving the snack store because it has a diverse variety of snacks from different parts of the world, and I was so stoked to see some of my own favourites, especially the ones that were difficult to find before.

Snack Stash Vol.2

My very first stash from Snack Story consisted of Arnott’s Tim Tam, Nestle’s Green Tea Kit Kat, Fuyuh’s Arare Rice Crackers in Tamari Mix, and Morinaga’s Ramune Soda Fizzy Candy.

Arnott’s Tim Tam
I’m a huge fan of Tim Tam. These are the best chocolate biscuits/cookies ever from Australia. It is two biscuits with chocolate cream in between, and it’s covered with more chocolate. Tim Tam comes in different varieties, but I really like the original the best. There is a cheaper version of Tim Tams floating around in Korean stores, but they do not taste the same as these original ones from Australia. I’m willing to pay the extra won (they go for about 5,000-6,000 won a pack) for the original. I’m so glad I have easy access to Tim Tam now!

Nestle’s Green Tea Kit Kat
Ah, Japanese Kit Kat. They truly do have some unique flavours. My last couple of trips to Japan had me trying out their different Kit Kat, and while there were a couple I couldn’t stomach, the green tea flavoured ones have become one of my favourites. They taste like matcha, of which I’ve grown quite addicted to lately. Of all the unusual Kit Kat flavours, I recommend this one the most. Like Tim Tam, I’m glad Snack Story has these, even if they are pricey. But when I want it, I’ll pay for it!

Fuyuh’s Arare Rice Crackers in Tamari Mix
I love rice crackers, but I can’t say I like this one much. The anchovies in the mix is sweet, which doesn’t go well with my taste preferences. The other ones are okay, but I am just not enamoured by this at all. I guess Tamari mix is not a winner for me!

Morinaga’s Ramune Soda Fizzy Candy
The last time I had this was in Japan, so I was stoked to see them again. Ramune is a popular lemon-lime flavoured soda, so I liked these sweets back then. However, I think my preferences have changed over the years, and I am not too fond of this one either! I can’t even explain what it taste like. It’s sweet, but it’s . . . not fizzy, nor does it taste like lemon-lime like the original Ramune. I guess I won’t be buying this one again, either!

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