In my last snack stash post, I wrote about some Korean snacks I was obsessed with. This time, my snack stash is a bit more international with an emphasis on Japanese snacks. A new snack store called Snack Story opened … Continued

I love Koreanised junk food. I say “Koreanised” because I find most American savoury junk food to be way too salty! But the Korean versions suit me. If I want potato chips, I get the Korean ones. They aren’t as … Continued

As someone with a sweet tooth, I have never met a sweet I didn’t like. Biscuits? Chocolate? Cakes? You name it, if it’s sweet, I’ll like it! But alas, I have met a cake I didn’t like. I didn’t think … Continued

Sometime in 2014, one of my co-workers came up to me holding a package of “hot dried pork”. That surprised me, because I hadn’t ever expected to get anything like that from her, but she gave it to me, saying … Continued