Several weeks ago, I stumbled upon Good Afternoon, a British tea room, in Gyeongnidan/Itaewon 2-dong area. I discovered it when I was exploring the area, and I noticed its gorgeous baby blue exterior of the shop, as well as its beautiful window display. The interior is very pleasing to look at, especially the displays for their goodies. The background music playing is a good mixture of jazz and showtunes. The shop workers are also polite and welcoming.

When I first discovered it, I briefly checked it out to see what they offered. Along with the usual tea, coffee, and other drinks, they also sell baked goods they make in shop. One thing they offer that really caught my attention is the afternoon tea set, which is something I’ve always wanted to experience. With my mind made up, my friend and I gave the afternoon tea set a try on a rainy Saturday.

My friend and I ordered the afternoon tea set for two, which cost 45,000 won for both of us. For one person it’s 25,000 won. We have a choice of tea or drip coffee, and there are different varieties of tea to choose from. My friend chose the Black Tea Flower Bouquet and I opted for the Black Tea Brunch in London. My friend’s tea came in a very pretty teapot and a teacup. Mine, because it was iced, came in a tall glass. I love how they serve hot tea in a teapot and teacup; it feels very vintage and different from the usual modern coffee and tea shops. As for my tea, I enjoyed its robust flavour; it paired well with the goodies in the set.

The afternoon tea set consisted of:

  • Cookies
  • Macarons (and meringues)
  • Chocolate
  • Panna Cotta
  • Mini Fruit Tart
  • Gateau au Chocolate
  • Scones (cheese and cranberry)
  • Sliced pound cake
  • Croissant sandwich
  • Salmon sandwich

I really liked the pink meringue, chocolate truffle, panna cotta, mini fruit tart with grapefruit, and salmon sandwich. The others all tasted decent, but the ones I listed stood out the most for me. I cannot recall the flavour of the pink meringue, but I found it better than the blue one, which was minty. The chocolate truffle was rich, but not overly sweet. The cream in the panna cotta tasted very fresh. The cream in the fruit tart and the crust meshed well together. And last but not the least, the salmon sandwich had a nice seasoning, and it was wrapped around an olive. I’m not fond of smoked salmon, but this one really fit my palate!

All in all, I enjoyed my first afternoon tea set. I arrived hungry because I hadn’t eaten anything, and I left feeling full and content. I admit, it is pricey for two people, but I tried it for the experience and to sample their baked goods. They also have a smaller and less expensive tasting set, so that’s an option, too. This is definitely not for foodies on a budget, but it’s worth splurging with a friend.

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Business Info

45, Noksapyeong-Daero 46-Gil, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul, Korea
서울시 용산구 녹사평대로46길 45
The easiest way to get to Good Afternoon is to go out Noksapyeong Station exit 2 and walk straight until you reach the underpass. Cross under and take the left exit. From there, follow the sidewalk straight, bypassing the ROK Financial Base and Caffe Pascucci until you come upon the big church on your right. Right past the church is a side street going up a hill. Go up that hill and eventually you will see a side street on your left. Good Afternoon is down that street on your left.
6,000 ~ 25,000+ won budget per person

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