Sometime in 2014, one of my co-workers came up to me holding a package of “hot dried pork”. That surprised me, because I hadn’t ever expected to get anything like that from her, but she gave it to me, saying it was great and that she was certain I’d like it. I accepted it and thanked her kind gesture. Then I tried a piece of pork, and I was hooked. Oh, my goodness. I am not a big fan of jerkies, but this hot dried pork really suits my tastebud! It’s sweet and spicy, but not too spicy for me to handle. The jerky is tender and full of flavour. Honestly, I don’t need any other jerkies except for this one!

Unfortunately for me, this is only obtainable at Vegas 808 in the California Hotel in Las Vegas. There is no way to order these online, something I would do if I had the option. If I really want these pork, I have to ask someone who’s visiting Vegas to get some for me, like I did with one of my friends recently. They are not that cheap, too, at $12 a bag! Still, though, they are worth the price. Along with the hot dried pork, they also sell other flavoured jerkies and snacks that are popular in Hawaii and with the other Asian populations. My friend said that the cookie chips were amazing, and she also liked the sweet dried pork

With that said, if you’re ever in downtown Las Vegas, stop by California Hotel and check out Vegas 808 and all their goodies! I know if I ever visit Las Vegas, that place will be my first stop!

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