As someone with a sweet tooth, I have never met a sweet I didn’t like. Biscuits? Chocolate? Cakes? You name it, if it’s sweet, I’ll like it! But alas, I have met a cake I didn’t like. I didn’t think it’d be possible since I grew up on Korean bakery cakes, but lo and behold, I finally ran into a cake that didn’t agree with my tastebud. I couldn’t even finish my slice!

The cake I didn’t like is the Cafe Flower Cake from Tous les Jours, which was priced at 21,000 won. The actual cake was tasteless, and I felt like I was eating a slightly wet sponge. The icing was too greasy. About the only thing I liked about the cake were the decorative chocolate pieces on the cake.

It could have been just me, though. My parents said the cake was fine, so they ate it without any issues. I didn’t, though. I know now not to get the Cafe Flower cake next time. Nope. I’ll stick with their sweet potato cake or something! Tous les Jours is a Korean bakery chain that’s all over the peninsula like Paris Baguette/Croissant, so if you want to try their other cakes or baked good, check them out.

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