One of the places I wanted to visit in Sokcho happened to be 아바이마을 (Abai Village), which was featured in 가을동화 (Autumn in My Heart). It happened to be super rainy and windy the day I visited there, so when it was time for me to choose a restaurant, I chose the closest naengmyeon restaurant, which happened to be 신다신 (Sindasin). This was right along the waterfront, so on a nice day, customers have the options of sitting at the picnic tables or at the tables on the balcony to watch the sea, or if it’s cold and ugly, then you can sit on the floor inside. As much as I wanted to sit outside and watch the sea, I begrudgingly went inside.

Inside, the restaurant is big and clean. The ladies who worked there were super nice. They served me some hot broth and water, and I really enjoyed their hot broth. It was super flavourful, and it warmed me up. While I drank that I looked at their menu. This restaurant specialises in naengmyeon and soondae. They sell squid soondae and Abai soondae (small 12,000 won and large 23,000 won each) or a combination of the two for 23,000 won. For 8,000 won each, they sell naengmyeon, some soup and rice dish, and soondae soup. They offer couple of other things on the menu that I am unsure of their contents. For drinks, they sell dongdongju (5,000), soju (4,000), beer (4,000), and sodas (2,000).

I ordered some naengmyeon, and that came with white cabbage kimchi and pickled radishes. The naengmyeon was decent, but I felt that it was lacking in flavour a bit. I did like how they put some sort of fish as a topping, which gave it an interesting taste and texture to the meal. The naengmyeon came with some spicy sauce, but it wasn’t spicy at all. The highlight of my meal was the white cabbage kimchi. That kimchi was amazing, and I found myself wanting more of it!

If I ever returned to Sokcho and stop by Abai Maeul, I would like to try out other restaurants in the area. I wouldn’t mind re-visiting Sindasin again — it really is a nice restaurant. I would love to eat outside on the waterfront. I just hope that if I return, the weather will be a lot nicer!

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22, Abaimaeul-Gil, Sokcho-Si, Gangwon-Do, Korea
강원도 속초시 아바이마을길 22
If you take the gaetbae to Abai Village from the main area of Sokcho, you just head straight (eastward) until you reach the sea and a parking lot. Sindasin will be before the parking lot and the sea.
8,000 ~ 25,000+ won budget per person

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