The Vault, a bar and restaurant that opened up in Hongdae and Sangsu area, has a neat concept where people can dine in complete darkness. “Dine in the Dark” is a concept I’d never heard of, and it intrigued me … Continued

Because I really enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinner at Cali Kitchen, when I saw that Chuck, Jayden, and Jimi were going to do a Christmas dinner, I forked over 25,000 won for what I knew would be a wonderful experience. And … Continued

Korean diners aka bunsikjeom (분식점) or bunsikjip (분식집) are my go-to places when I want inexpensive Korean food. Sonmali Gimbap (손말이 김밥) in Gyeongridan is a place I visit regularly. This independent restaurant is very popular with the locals. It’s … Continued

May Bell Bakery is a hot spot in the area between Itaewon and Hangangjin Station, but I find myself preferring Jam & Bread. It’s a super small bakery located in the back street, in the more residential area, of Hannam-dong. … Continued

I adore meat pies, especially during the winter months, but I don’t get to have them very often. When I heard about The Little Pie opening up in Gyeongridan, I was stoked to see a place in my neighbourhood, and … Continued

Cafe Bellini is an Italian restaurant that’s part of the Seoul Arts Centre. Many years ago, I’d visited Cafe Bellini, but I honestly cannot remember my experience there. All I know is that I remember it being pricey and whatever … Continued

One of the places I wanted to visit in Sokcho happened to be 아바이마을 (Abai Village), which was featured in 가을동화 (Autumn in My Heart). It happened to be super rainy and windy the day I visited there, so when … Continued

I had the privilege of attending a private Thanksgiving dinner function at Cali Kitchen. For 30,000 won, I received an amazing meal. I’ve never been a big fan of the traditional Thanksgiving meal, but I think Chuck, Jayden, and Jimi … Continued

산모퉁이 is another restaurant I tried when I visited Sokcho area as mentioned in this post. This is another local Korean restaurant in Bongpori, a village outside of Sokcho. Sanmo Tungee is a decent-sized restaurant; it’s a very circular restaurant … Continued

가정식 백반 is a local Korean restaurant in the village of Bongpori outside of Sokcho. I randomly picked this restaurant because . . . well, I was on a hunt for a bibimbap place, but I didn’t see any. After … Continued