I’ve been a long-time customer of Taste of Thailand. In fact, I even remember when Taste of Thailand actually used to be Sydney Seafood, but its owner decided to switch over to a Thai restaurant. Taste of Thailand expanded the size of their restaurant by taking over what used to be the Body and Seoul’s location. However, their original location closed down, and now they are farther up the Gyeongridan street, sharing the same building as Well-Being Mart.

The new location has so much more space, which is great when you come with a large group of people. During the day, the larger windows give off better natural lighting to the place. Like the old location there are plenty of Thai decorations inside the restaurant. There’s even a whole wall with a golden tree on it. I thought that to be really cool. The embellishments aside, the restaurant has wooden tables and chairs, which gives the whole place a warm feel. Along with the look and feel of the place, I’ve experienced nothing but good service from the workers. Whether I’m eating in or doing a takeaway, I’ve never had any issues.

Taste of Thailand’s menu is very expansive. There are drinks, appetisers, salads, soups, noodles, curries, stir-fries, fried rices, and their special menu options. They have a little something for everyone. For their noodles, curries, stir-fries, and fried rices, customers can choose which protein to add to their meal. Or if customers don’t want protein, just sticking to the veggies is completely fine, too. This is great for those wanting meat or no meat. Another customisable option is the customer’s spicy level. They have levels one through five with one being the least spicy and five being the spiciest. I’ve taken photos of the menu, so please check them out in the gallery.

My favourite menu items are:

  • Thai Iced Tea ~ Sweet and milky tea that I love to get as a treat.
  • Gai Satay ~ Skewered chickens flavoured with herb and yellow curry, and it comes with home-made peanut sauce.
  • Thai Chicken Wings ~ Crunchy non-spicy chicken wings served with sweet chili sauce.
  • Fresh Rolls ~ Chicken, veggies, and herbs wrapped in a rice paper. I prefer this over the deep-fried spring rolls. This can be made without the chicken for vegetarians.
  • Pad Thai ~ The classic Thai rice noodle dish with tamarind sauce, sprouts, and other veggies.
  • Pad Khee Mao (Drunken Noodles) ~ Flat rice noodles stir-fried with veggies, bamboo shoots, and other add-ons like protein.
  • Kaeng Phet (Thai Red Curry) ~ Made from red pepper paste with Thai seasonings and herb, this curry is sweeter than the green one, and it’s less spicier, so I much prefer this!
  • Khao Pad Kra Prow (Thai Basil Fried Rice) ~ This fried rice has onions, chili peppers, and Thai basils. The sauce they use gives the fried rice a sweet flavour. Of all the items, I get this the most.

Another thing to note about Taste of Thailand is that I find them to be way cheaper than the other Thai restaurants in the main area of Itaewon. I’ve generally found those places to be several thousand Won more, so I’ve always preferred to come to Taste of Thailand. Granted, I noticed that they don’t use jasmine rice, but that’s not much of a deal-breaker for me, but this does cut down on the authenticness of their food. However, I still am content with their dishes. If anything, it is close by where I live, so if I want Thai food, I don’t have to go far for it.

On a final note, Taste of Thailand has a stamp card. Customers can receive two stamps when paying with cash and one stamp when paying with card. After ten stamps, customers will get a 10,000 won discount on their next meal. So be sure to get one of those if you’re a regular customer!

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Business Info

22, Hoenamu-Ro, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul, Korea
서울특별시 용산구 회나무로 22
From Noksapyeong Station, go out of exit 2 and keep going straight until you reach the underpass. Go under, cross, and go out the left exit. From there, follow the sidewalk up the street, bypassing the big church. Keep going straight, passing by Paris Baguette and Well-Being Mart. A little bit past the Well-Being Mart, there is a side street on the right. Walk up the side street and Taste of Thailand will be on your right.
10,000 ~ 30,000+ won budget per person

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