Thanks to Seoul Searching for Coffee group on Facebook, I discovered this awesome coffee shop in Sadang Station area. One of my friends, who lives out of town, and I like to meet up in Sadang Station because it’s a good meeting point between us. One of our favourite coffee shops recently disappeared, so it’s a real good thing Serious Coffee exists. Or, as my friend and I call it, “Sirius” Coffee because we’re both Harry Potter geeks, haha!

Serious Coffee is a decent sized coffee shop. They have an outdoor patio, and their interior can seat a lot! There are plenty of big tables for people to use as a workspace. When I went on the weekend, though, I can’t say the atmosphere was great because there was a lot of people there. I think the acoustic of the shop isn’t very absorbing because I found it quite loud with people chattering away, and I could barely hear the classical music the shop plays in the background. I imagine it’s quieter on the weekday, but certainly not on the weekend. Despite that, though, my friend and I like the coffee shop.

We also found their coffee to be great! They offer two kinds of espresso for their Americanos — Bach and Vivaldi. Let me interject here and say that I love the classical composer naming scheme here! Anyway, Bach espresso is richer and fuller-bodied, while the Vivaldi espresso is fruitier and lighter. My friend opted for the Bach Americano, and she loved it. I tried a sip of hers, too, and it tasted great! I enjoyed my iced vanilla latte, but they made it a bit sweeter than I would have liked. Next time I will try their regular lattes and their baked goods! All of their baked goods looked delicious, but unfortunately I wasn’t hungry enough for those that day. They also sell sandwiches, as well.

Along with the usual espresso-based drinks, they also have tea, juices, and ades. Unfortunately, their menu is a bit hard for me to read due to the handwritten font, so I am unable to fully translate the menu. However, according to their website, they have:

  • Espresso
  • Espresso macchiato
  • Espresso con panna
  • Americano
  • Cafe latte
  • Vanilla latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Caramel macchiato
  • Hand-dripped coffee
  • Hot chocolate
  • Ades (lemon and grapefruit)
  • Juices (kiwi, banana, tomato, grapefruit, lemon, and blueberry)
  • Black teas (Ceylon, Earl Grey, and English Breakfast)
  • Herb teas (chamomile, peppermint, rooibos, lavender, and rosemary)

There you have it. If you’re ever in Sadang Station area and need to unwind at a nice coffee shop, then stop by Serious Coffee! This independent coffee house will be a regular shop for my friend and me whenever we meet up at Sadang.

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Business Info

23, Namhyeon-1 Gil, Gwanak-Gu, Seoul, Korea
서울특별시 관악구 남현1길 23
From Sadang Station, go out exit 5 and head straight a bit until you see a side street on your right. Go down that street for about 230 metres, and Serious Coffee will be on your right on the first floor.
4,500 ~ 7,000+ won budget per person

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