After seeing the place for months (I mean, really, it’s right above my favourite coffee shop), I finally visited Made in Pongdang due to a gathering with the PinStory, MyMemoirs, and Rokeats gangs. Made in Pongdang is easy to find from Noksapyeong Station. Upon entering the shop, my initial reaction to the place is, “Wow, it’s kind of small and cramped!” I didn’t feel as cramped after a while, but it was still a small place, and as the place filled up, it became noisy with all the chattering.

The service was decent, and whenever I needed something, they served me well. However, I noticed that when another person asked what was on their tap, instead of answering them, they just gave them the menu.

Unfortunately, I am not a beer or whiskey drinker, so I was limited to sodas, apple juice, and water. The sodas were 3,500 won, which I thought was a super rip off for a 250 ml Chilsung Cider! I almost wished I were a beer or a whiskey drinker because this place has a lot of selection ranging from IPA to an espresso stout, and they also sell three whiskey options including Laphoraig.

The food was decent for a pub fare. I didn’t try their sandwiches, though, but while it looked tasty, it also appeared to be small. What I did try were their Cajun fries, squid fries, and fried shrimps. I really enjoyed their squid fries, which are deep-fried squids. If I were ever to return to this establishment, I’d get the squid again. The Cajun fries and fried shrimps didn’t win me over, but they were still good food to pair up with beer.

Made in Pongdang is a mediocre place. It’s not a place I’d personally come to drink because of their limited options for non-beer and/or non-whiskey lover. If they had some cocktails on the menu, I’d consider going there often, and I’d go back for the squid. This would be a good place for a gathering of friends who like beer, but if I wanted a drink, I’d go somewhere else.

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Business Info

2F, 222-1, Noksapyeong-Daero, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul, Korea
서울특별시 용산구 녹사평대로 222-1, 2F
At Noksapyeong Station, go out of exit 2, walk straight until you reach the underpass, use it, and take the right exit. From that exit, go straight until you reach Chansbros Coffee. Made in Pongdang is above Chansbros, and the entrance is right around the corner from Chansbros.
6,000 ~ 20,000+ won budget per person

Cafes & Bars, Dining Out

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