Jonny Dumpling is one of my favourite places in Itaewon. There are three branches, but I’ve only gone to the same store every time. It’s a small restaurant that focuses on dumplings. The place is so small that it gets packed quickly and it’s not uncommon for a line to form. The dumplings come in good-sized portion, and it’s reasonably priced — perfect for those who want something under 10,000 won. In fact, all their food items on the menu are 7,000 won, with the exception of the pre-cooked dumplings.

They sell two kinds of dumplings. There’s shrimp and pork, and there’s eggs and chives for those who are vegetarians. The dumplings come cooked in two ways — boiled and semi-fried. For the price, you will get 10 or 13 pieces of dumplings depending on which you choose to get. I’ve tried the boiled and semi-fried shrimp and pork dumplings, and I really like both. The boiled ones are nice and chewy, and they are super juicy. The chunk of shrimps in the dumplings really make a difference. The semi-fried ones are just as good; the crispiness of the dough complements the chewy side well. Both of them are flavourful, and I love the hint of ginger in them!

For those who want something heartier, there are two other meals to choose. There’s the wonton soup — spicy mussel soup with pork dumplings and an optional side of rice. This is perfect for those wanting something warm and filling, especially when it’s cold. If you’re not into soup, and you still prefer something spicy, there’s the mapo tofu rice, and you can get those with or without pork.

The other items on the menu are drinks and pre-cooked dumplings you can purchase and take home. For drinks, they sell Coke, Chilsung Cider, Tsingtao, Cass, and Chinese vodka. You also have the option of buying pre-cooked dumplings by the bag. One bag cost 11,000 won, and you can choose the boiled shrimp and pork dumplings (26 count) or the semi-fried shrimp and pork dumplings (20 count). You can also opt to buy minimum three bags and pay 3,000 won delivery fee. Or you can buy five or more bags and receive free delivery.

Whatever you choose, Jonny Dumpling is great for those who crave dumplings. Whoever this Jonny is, his dumplings rock! I’ve taken several friends to this place, and we’ve all left it happy and content. In fact, I’ll be hitting that place up again soon since one of my friends really wants to return!

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5, Bogwang-Ro 9-gil, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul, Korea
서울특별시 용산구 보광로9길 5
From Itaewon Station, come out exit 4, and do a U-turn to your left. At the crosswalk, walk down the street on your right, and then turn right to go down the hill. Jonny Dumpling will be on your left a few doors down the hill.
1,500 ~ 7,000+ won budget per person

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