House on the Hill is a pretty nice cafe that I visited upon a friend’s recommendation. Upon entering the place, I was really please by its interior design. The wooden floor and furnitures gave the place a cosy, clean feel, and the large windows there gave off a lot of natural light. The place isn’t that big, but the windows made the place feel bigger, and I did not once feel cramped there. If anything, all the natural lighting has relaxed me, and I find myself wanting to go back there because of its great ambience. The only thing I am not certain about is how the place would feel with a lot of people. When I went there the first time, I was their only customer, so I got to enjoy the peace and quiet, which is something I needed after my long work day!

As for their food and drinks, they sell two kinds of sparkling teas, several different cordials, a variety of Tavalon teas, Dutch coffee, sandwiches, and crepe cakes. I tried their lemon and ginger sparkling tea (4,800 won), grapefruit and orange cordial (5,800 won), and cranberry chicken sandwich (7,900 won).

The lemon and ginger sparkling tea was super refreshing, and it wasn’t overly sweet. It’s cold-brewed tea with sparkling water. I really enjoyed this, especially the kick from the ginger. Sparkling tea is a new concept for me, and it’s a drink I’ll be returning to again! I also liked their cordial! It comes in hot or iced. I tried the hot version, and while I’m normally not a fan of hot drinks, I liked their cordial. However, the orange flavour was much stronger than the grapefruit to where I didn’t even taste the latter much!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t fond of their sandwich. It was an okay sandwich — nothing spectacular. The sandwich came on a ciabatta bread. It consisted of a salad made with chicken, cranberry, almonds, and dressing, and it came with lettuce, tomato, and cheese. On the side were some potato chips/crisps and dill pickles. The portion was good enough for me, but it will not be enough for those with a larger appetite. If you’re looking for a light meal, however, this may fit the bill.

The mediocre sandwich aside, the service here was great, as well as the atmosphere. I am absolutely in love with their sparkling teas. I also brought a couple of friends here, and they loved the ambience of the place, too. I wouldn’t really consider a meal here, but I’ll definitely have a drink or two!

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31, Noksapyeong-Daero 40-Gil, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul, Korea
서울특별시 용산구 녹사평대로40길 31
From Noksapyeong Station, go out of exit 3 and then cross the street. Then take the pedestrian overpass, and make a right on the other side. House on the Hill is right above Little Baja.
5,000 ~ 10,000+ won budget per person

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  1. This cafe looks lovely. Honestly, I’m not much of a foodie, but I really care about ambiance. I love pretty and/or interesting cafes. I want to check this place out.

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