I discovered Chloris online when I was searching for an English-style tea cafe. The simple fact that they serve their teas in an actual teapot really intrigued me, so when I had the opportunity to visit one of the Sinchon branches this past spring, I did, and I returned many times.

I absolutely love the decoration in Chloris. The flowery tablecloths with the antique-looking furnitures contribute so much to the place. The ambience is also great because of the interior decoration. However, the music kind of ruins it. The music, a selection of contemporary pop music, does not match the decor at all! I’d expected something like classical music or instrumentals to be playing in a cafe of this style. Instead, I listened to Jason Mraz or someone similar, when I thought I’d listen to a Mozart piano piece. Music aside, I really do like the old-fashioned decor of the cafe.

As for their tea, I’d tried their Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Royal milk tea, and several others. All of the hot teas came in a teapot with a teacup! Some of the tea came with a timer. I’d also tried their iced teas, and those came in a regular glass. Along with tea, they also have coffee and several other drink option for those who may prefer something else.

I’d also tried their carrot and chocolate cakes. They were pretty good, even though they were not fresh. At least they paired up well with the tea I ordered. Along with cakes, they also sell bingsu and other desserts. They also do brunches and afternoon tea set. They provide pretzels with your tea, if you do not order any other food. Pretzels is not the first tea food that comes into my mind, but it works when I want something to munch on.

Service-wise, the workers there are polite. I’ve never encountered any issues with them at all. Chloris is a very clean place, and even their bathroom is clean with a matching old-fashioned decor. I also find the price to be very reasonable, which is ironic because I thought they would cost more because of its unique concept.

Because of all these factors, I always try to make a stop at Chloris when I am in the area. I really do like their approach, and I wish more cafes would do something similar. Along with the Sinchon branches, Chloris Cafes are also located in Hongdae, Sinnonhyeon, Yeoksam-dong, and Samcheong-dong. Chloris is a great place to come and hang out with your friends for the afternoon, and it can also be a place to come and read a good book.

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38, Yonsei-Ro 4-Gil, Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul, Korea
서울특별시 서대문구 연세로4길 38
There are two branches in Sinchon, and they are actually really close to one another. To get there, start by coming out of exit 3 of Sinchon Station. Go down the street on your right heading towards Yonsei University. There is a side street on your right before the Paris Baguette. Go down that street, and then take the left street right past BBQ. Walk straight for about a minute, and Chloris will be on your right. For the other branch, head straight some more, and you will see it on your right in about thirty seconds.
6,000 ~ 15,000+ won budget per person

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