As of August 2015, Chansbros Coffee have two branches in Gyeongridan. I’ve been to both branches, but I really like the first one (which is further down from Noksapyeong Station) the best. It is a smaller place, with about 21 seats, but it feels cosy and comfortable. The workers there are always polite and pleasant. Their wi-fi is great, and the music they play in the background ranges from pop to jazz to instrumental. Really, this place feels like home for me. This is a place I come to work on my Chromebook, read on my Kindle, and have a good cup of coffee with friends.

It’s been a few years since I’ve first visited Chansbros Coffee. Back then I wasn’t really into coffee, and what coffee I did drink was at Starbucks. I finally took the plunge to try Chansbros, and I remember being completely amazed by its taste. Bold and strong, the beans they used were full of flavour. That cuppa had change my perspective on coffee, and since then my respect for independent coffee shops had gone up.

Chansbros Coffee has the standard coffee drinks like espresso, con panna, latte, cappuccino, dutch coffee, and caramel macchiato. They also have tea, sparkling water, shakes, affogato, smoothies, cider, and beer. They recently started selling cake rolls, and that’s it for desserts. I tried the milk cake roll, and it’s pretty good, but not the best cake I’ve had. That aside, their main focus here is their coffee. Their drinks are all available for takeaway, and they also sell their beans! Their prices range from 4,000 to 7,500 won.

There are a couple more things I will mention about their first branch. There is outdoor seating, but only enough to seat about four to six people. They also have their own toilet, which is clean, but accessing it is a bit odd. It requires you to retrieve the key from the workers, go out of the shop, and walk around the building to a locked gate. Past the gate is a narrow alleyway, and the toilet is at the end of the building.

Chansbros is really a nice local hangout. On the weekend, it can be rough finding a seat there, but if you can get a seat, enjoy your cuppa there!

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222-1, Noksapyeong-Daero, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul, Korea
서울특별시 용산구 녹사평대로 222-1
To access the first branch, go out exit 2 of the station and then walk straight until you reach the underpass. Go down, cross, and take the right exit. Then go down a few doors, and Chansbros number 1 is on the corner of the side street. To get to the second branch, walk past the first branch, past the foreign book shop, and go up the hill. Chansbros number 2 will be on the fourth floor of the building with “Little Baja”.
4,000 ~ 10,000+ won budget per person

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